The Hedgehogs’ First Photoshoot!

September 7, 2020

Four weeks ago, we welcomed three baby rescue hedgehogs – Daphne, Jane and Beatrix – into our quiet acre of gardens. Unsurprisingly for nocturnal wild animals, sightings have been few and far between. So we were delighted to welcome wildlife photographer Ian Wade to our gardens one evening, to capture the girls in action!

Up until now, we have been content to share images of the hedgehogs’ five-star large igloo shelters (purchased from reputable local suppliers Wildlife World), their beautiful bespoke signage, and the occasional night-time sighting:

Thankfully, photographer Ian has given us a fantastic insight into how the girls have settled in – and what they get up to at night!

Undaunted by the camera, the girls all made several appearances throughout the evening. It was truly very special to see how confident they all were, and how they had all grown.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful images as much as we have!

For a chance of seeing the hedgehogs, your best bet is to take a quiet stroll around the gardens after 8pm. Please note we anticipate that their hibernation will start from late October.

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