The Hedgehogs Awaken! Five Hedgehog-Spotting Tips For Spring

March 31, 2021

Here at The RCH we were absolutely ecstatic this week to discover from our Night Manager Patryk that at least one of our rescue hedgehogs has emerged from hibernation! Spring is officially here…

Beatrix (pictured above) was spotted by our Night Manager Patryk as he passed through the garden. He was delighted to see her after four long months of hibernation, and he managed to snap the photo above before Beatrix continued her evening stroll; after so long asleep she must have been keen to refuel!

Beatrix is the largest and most frequently spotted of the three rescue hedgehogs residing in our gardens, but we believe that all three hedgehogs are up and about now. Not managed to spot one yet? Check out these tips…

Five Hedgehog-Spotting Tips

1. Keep an eye out near their feeding stations. Hedgehogs can walk for miles each night, so your best bet for seeing one is to check somewhere they always go – and most hedgehogs regularly return to known food sources. In our gardens there are three feeding stations – look out for the hedgehog signage.

2. Wait until dark. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, so one of the best times to spot them is when it is getting dark outside.

3. Use your ears. Hedgehogs can be difficult to spot due to their colouring, especially at night. However they can make quite a racket when they wander about – listen out for rustling, snuffling and grunting noises!

4. Keep it down! Hedgehogs can be shy – and surprisingly quick – so if they hear you talking or making other noises you might scare them away. Keep quiet and still, and be patient!

5. Check for hedgehog poo. Want to know if any hedgehogs have passed through your garden lately? Keep an eye out for hedgehog poo, which is usually distributed in single slug-shaped lumps with visible shiny bits (insect exoskeletons).

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