180 Years to Grow and 50 Seconds to Go: The Felling – and Future – of our Oak Tree (Time-lapse Video)

May 3, 2022

For approximately a hundred and eighty years, the oak tree has been a prominent feature of the garden behind House Number 16 of the Royal Crescent. In fact the tree pre-dates the hotel itself, which has only officially been a hotel since the 1970s!

Guests and staff loved to watch the squirrels scampering up and down and jumping from branch to branch. In recent years a swing was attached for the enjoyment of our guests.

So it was with great sadness that we discovered that the oak tree had a severe fungus issue affecting its stability and safety, and that we were required to cut the tree down. We were however determined to recycle the wood and extend its usage here at the hotel. So we have saved four large chunks of non-fungused wood, which we will dry out and then repurpose into chopping boards for the kitchen. Not only will this help to keep an element of the tree’s history alive here at the hotel, but it also gives us an opportunity to apply the principle of the circular economy.

We have recently achieved the Green Key accreditation through our sustainability efforts, and as such we are committed to mitigating our impact on the environment, and to keeping viable materials in use for as long as possible. Read about our sustainability commitment here.

We are also planting a number of new trees in the garden, which we hope will one day provide cool shade for a new generation of guests.

Here is a time-lapse of the tree coming down last week:

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