Meet The Team: Rocio Aviles Tamayo, Receptionist

August 29, 2019

Our regular guests will probably recognise our sunny receptionist Rocio, who always has a smile for everyone. In today’s “Meet The Team” post, we let you get to know her a little bit better! ⁣

“Hello, my name is Rocio, a receptionist here at the RCH. I’ve worked here for a year and a half, before which I was a teacher in Spain. The best part of my job is interacting with guests face to face; I love check out time the most because, while it is sad that the guests are leaving us, it is the time that they share with us all of the good moments they have enjoyed at the hotel. My favourite spot at the RCH is the balcony of our Lord Nelson Suite (pictured) because it reminds me of Spain, where people spend a lot of time outside on the balconies. Something most people might not expect about me is that I love films based on Jane Austen novels. I studied English Literature at university, and she is my favourite author! Sometimes they film in Bath, as some of her novels are set here.”

So if you have any questions about Jane Austen during your stay, Rocio is the person to speak to!

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