Introducing Our Wildest Guests Yet!

July 27, 2020

We are delighted to welcome some new long-stay guests to our gardens: the three rescue hedgehogs Beatrix, Jane and Daphne!


Bath Vets revealed they had rescued three baby hedgehogs (hoglets) last month, and it seemed like a natural opportunity to provide a safe and secure environment for the little family to live in.

As soon as they arrived, we could tell their characters were very different. Beatrix, the boldest of the three, shot straight out of her igloo shelter and into a bush to explore. Jane stayed in her igloo and fell asleep. Daphne, the smallest and shyest of the three, didn’t really want to leave her warm straw bed, but seemed happy enough once she had been moved into her igloo.


The RCH has an acre of peaceful gardens for the hedgehogs to explore, and when Bath Vets’ receptionist Lorraine visited us last week she declared the gardens to be “Hedgehog Heaven”! We have purchased three large hedgehog igloo shelters from reputable local supplier Wildlife World, and positioned them in safe, secluded spots.

Guests are very welcome to go over and take a look – 8pm onwards is the best time of day to see them, outside the months of hibernation – we just ask that they please take care to be quiet so as not to startle our new guests. We also ask that, as always, dogs are kept on a lead whilst in the gardens.

Jane and Daphne

Our Marketing Manager Mary Stringer says: “We’re very excited to extend the use of our peaceful gardens to Jane, Beatrix and Daphne – our new permanent garden guests. Our acre of gardens behind the hotel is already home to many species of birds and a band of excitable squirrels, but there is plenty of room for the girls, and we cannot wait to introduce them to the famous “RCH Experience”.”

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If you would like to visit the hedgehogs you are more than welcome as a resident or non-resident, however residents may have more luck spotting them as they tend to come out at dusk.

As always we ask residents with dogs to please keep them on a leash outside of their bedrooms. We also ask that guests do not try to stroke or pick up the hedgehogs, which are wild by nature.

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