From Five Red Stars to Under The Stars: RCH Team Sleep Outside To Fundraise for Julian House

March 7, 2022

On the morning of March 4th, several members of The RCH Team breathed a sign of relief as they woke up and checked the weather forecast: no rain! It would make that evening’s challenge that little bit more manageable…

A number of the team had committed to sleeping outside (without tents) all night in the hotel’s gardens, to raise funds for the local homelessness charity Julian House.

While there is no comparison to actually sleeping rough, it was eye-opening for us to experience a fraction of the discomfort that a homeless person faces each night. Most homeless people don’t have the safety of an enclosed garden nor the luxury of the use of indoor toilets – nor do they have a warm bed waiting for them somewhere in the morning like we did.

It was still a tough night; temperatures dropped below zero, the cold seeped through our many layers of jumpers and socks, and cardboard was no replacement for our lovely soft mattresses at home. By morning we had achieved eight hours of back-ache and around 30 minutes of sleep between us, and we couldn’t wait to get home. That was when the reality of what homeless people faced really hit us – we could not imagine spending more than one night outside like that, never mind every single night with no end in sight.

The RCH Team preparing for a long night

Our team’s efforts raised £480 and £116.25 gift aid – this is the equivalent of the cost of providing support to 20 people who have just moved off the street and into their own home, the cost of replacement birth certificates for 40 people trying to get back into the workplace, or funding the placement of 30 victims of domestic abuse on the 13-week Freedom Programme.

If anybody else would like to donate to this wonderful cause, you can do so on our JustGiving link here.

Read more about the wonderful work Julian House does here.

Read more about our Corporate Sustainability Policy here.

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